The Greatest Generation Is Here

The greatest human  generation that ever lived on this earth are here today.

Some think the greatest generation to live will be hybridized children, which, we all are hybridized, at some degree or level; vaccines starting at early life and medical enhancements… Some think the greatest generation will be the last. I try not to get too philosophical here but in both cases, that still makes the greatest generation that ever lived on this earth, here today.

There have been other generations that rose in the past to help humans vibrate at a higher frequency. They appeared like miracles. We took giant leaps in advancement. Were they angels? Extraterrestrials? Techie boxes? How about the Laws of the Universe manifesting in amazing form? Terrifying and beautiful all at once, as it blends into balance once again and we find ourselves, anew.

Welcome to Sci-Fi World.

Free will is freedom to speak and act openly and transparently. To make our own personal decisions and do as we will. We are chained with the consequences of that truth and have a dilemma. Are we smart enough to learn the language? Will we stumble over to abusive behavior when we meet alternating forces? How do we meet those challenges, with diplomacy or conviction or both? Is not the common goal of humans, to shine light on truth? Or do we segregate for Godly reasons that were schooled into us. Put opponents away or in a Pandora’s box?  Whatever decisions we make on this journey home, our final question will be, How did we manage to get through the woo and still make it home?

Laws within the construct of this Universe. Action, reaction, ebb and flow, cause and effect; Consequences.

Some call it karma or yin/yang. In essence, we are dealing with the effects of our ancestors decisions. This is manifesting as “sons against the fathers”  but in the spiritual realm, they are words of wisdom from the experience of our ancestors, not duly noting the part of the living parent you will surpass, thanks to the parts they played on your journey. “The world is a stage.” The symbology is in the tarot card of the standing stone, surrounded by lesser ones, worn down by the elements.

You are the standing stone.

On my last live stream for Q&A Tarot, I was faced with a woman who’s life was in the pit of hell. Her cries for help brought out the moderators in armor, to hack open a path, big enough for a clearer view and hearing them call out, “Here we are. You’re not alone.”.

When we become depressed, it isn’t a chemical problem, it is a spiritual one. We feel we lost connection to source, the purpose and meaning of life sucked out of us by the system. When goals are reached, we find out, we only built our own cage. This is why we see such large numbers taking their own lives and the beast system loves this.  We fight not against humans, not against whites or black,  LGBTQ or women or men. We stand before demons in high places and principalities. We cure the imbalance of good and evil. We manifest with the gifts the Universe gave to us, for our purposes.We are dealing with the repercussions of the past and killing the beast.

We’re taking over the beast system. Keeping the system, killing the beast.Re-connection to source, is established.

We are the ones we have waited for.

Heroes Journey For Each Zodiac Sign


Our Battles In Space While We Sleep

It’s very difficult work to do. Not just on this plain but when we sleep. When we sleep, we are there, with our ancestors, in battle. So exhausting.
When we’re there and working with other worlds, we are babies but we are mighty.
Action, for many, is the ushering of lifting the frequencies here on earth.
Most of the work is in the downloads of information coming through to bring relief to the suffering. The connection of heaven and earth.Spirit and human.Creator, co-creator.
ff we’re so polluted by anger and fear or god forbid, kill someone. The harm here was the harm there. That’s why these satanists sacrificed humans and little ones.
But that is ending.
The inevitable is here. It took us many thousands of years to get here.
Spirit was gentle and protective with you in your awakening.
Naturally you’re tired but it’s lovely to know that when you ask for that calm peace, it is given.
The awakening now for those who willfully acted in ego and greed, is a face slapping shock.
Something Clif said on Jean Claude’s show last night. It had to do with trade. World giants of trade…gone. The new system of opening trade, are with people like you now. It provoked a vision of how that was going to look for us and it made me smile.

We are at a dangerous place and time. The moment is here.

But that’s why you came here. And boy, oh boy, what an adventure.

You have more power than you know and what you know is so much more than enough to shield, conquer and heal.
You’re at the gates of Eden.

Rest whenever you can, move when you feel moved. Your spiritual shield is blowing out negative energies.
Of course you’d have moments like this where you’re pooped. We’re at the fall. Happening so fast it’s head spinning.
The load from the knowledge that there are casualties from a cruel and evil force…its a lot to bare open.
And now we see the casualties of these cruel and evil forces being kicked off the planet.
I can hardly wait for the celebrations to begin and we’re all hugging each other.

God Bless,


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Tips For Mental And Spiritual Clarity

 1. Love Yourself. Only by having healthy boundaries and a healthy positive habits can you then go on to help others. A spiritual medic will need to be self sufficient before they can administer assistance to those in need. On the Airplane you are required to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others. Selflessness starts within your own heart.

2. Do not drink FLUORIDATED water. Use distilled water. Do not use fluoride toothpaste either. Filter your shower water, the skin is the largest organ you have. Investigate structured water and magnetic vortex water. Look into what Fluoride is and it’s historical uses and then ask yourself why would you ever ingest a known poison.

3. Avoid GMO food when ever possible. Learn to grow a plant. Growing food is something everyone should know how. Look up the 3 sisters Iroquois, sometimes 4 sisters, then maybe hydroponics or micro-greens. . You are told Humans/Animals are the most developed sentient beings on earth because we can eat what we want. Well plants are beings also. Seek this knowing in yourself. Plants are actually the actually higher beings than us. The do not have to eat other beings. They get there sustenance from the sun. They eliminate the middle man so to say. I know I am crazy but I also know what I know is true. So whether you are eating plants or animals you are destroying a being. So it is critical that you thank the being for it sacrifice and for me Intent on what I do with the energy that being has given me. Now most meat is raised in horrible conditions, avoid that. In the same sphere most plants are raised in horrible inhuman conditions(round up, pesticide, GMO). So care must be taken into account when selecting your vegetables also.

4. Ground Yourself daily. Walk with your feet in the dirt. I have special place where 3 trees grow, I put my back against one. Hands on the other 2 and my feet in the dirt. I use grounding sheets on my bed and have a grounding mat in front of my recliner. (good for winter too)

5. Understand you are not the Meatsuit you wear. Do not let your body define who you are. It is only your AVATAR while you are here.(For a short time 7 or 8 decades if lucky.)

6. Before eating thank God, The Universe, Spirit or how ever you phrase realities constructor to bless this food as you are blessed every day. Then thank the food for giving up it’s existence in this world and to use it’s essence help you stay positive.

7. Do No Harm to your Meatsuit (It is the temple that houses your spirit)

8. Do No Harm to others. Very difficult when we feel justified. Not just physically but verbally sodomizing also. Your words are spells and can dismantle someone to the core. This is a root level vibration and lowers you down from your True essence.

9. Do Not watch Television. It is and always has been a tool for programming your mind.

10. Understand the thoughts you have do not originate from between your ears. In fact you have No idea where they originate, nor the intention of the sender of the thought. Instead recognize this as a thought enters your mind. Then Accept the positive ones and Reject the Negative ones. Good or Bad starts with your CONSENT on the thoughts you dwell on.

11. Embrace the beauty of nature. You will also feel amazement when you embrace the sheer Beauty in Nature. Same can be said for animals, Look into a dogs eyes. (or cat, horse, goat, whatever appeals to you) See the innocence and love in their hearts. Animals cannot Lie and are always vulnerable to humans. If you can learn this from them you will feel…..complete.

12. Listen to Music. Preferably live or recorded live. I find Native American music and Russian Shaman music quenches a thirst in me, but most music is good. Realize that modern music is tuned to 440 Hz. 432 Hz is better. The correct middle “A” is 432 Hz (also known as Verdi’s A) because it has “a pure tone of math fundamental to nature” and is “mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe, vibrating with Phi, the Golden Ratio. They point to how this pitch can be connected to everything from nautilus shells to the works of the ancients, including the construction of the Great Pyramid.

13. Dance. Dance like no one is looking. I have been ridiculed for my dancing, Do not let lack of ability, peer pressure, or others stop you from expressing yourself. Dance is a form of physically active meditation. Abandoning one’s nafs, ego or personal desires, by listening to the music, focusing on God true freedom can be felt.

14. Do some Art. Don’t let skill hold you back, express yourself. Doodle, play with clay, make jewelry, write a story, electrotype, wood burning Lichtenburg, leather craft, hammer metal, make candles, crystal lights, decoupage a bottle, cast resin, make molds, explore sacred geometry, take a picture, Zen garden, sand art, make music, sing, singing bowls, etc..

15 .I would recommend one to research Vortex mathematics, Pi, Phi, Fibonacci sequence, Schumann resonance, Golden ratio, The 7 colors ROYGBIV, The 7 Chakras, 7 Musical Notes, Sacred Geometry, Pineal Gland, off the top of my head. Much that is officiated to you now will be revealed when you understand these things.

16. Be charitable, not to some organization but to real people in the world. A homeless man, a single mother buying food(hand them money and quietly leave), not even just money. Just helping some one out randomly. Can be as little as giving someone directions even if your running late, helping someone load their truck at Lowes, helping a person who had locked their keys in their car, or the guy whose car ran out of gas(walking with the gas can) , the how and when you help someone is different for each of us. Just be helpful, maybe it starts with holding a door open, letting someone on an elevator as the doors are closing. Always be safe and each person must use their intuition on how , when and what kind of charity your are helping. Maybe your charity will be not even to a human. Could be helping an animal, example saving turtle who crossing road, taking that time to get them off the road even though your late for work or a meeting. The over all theme I am trying to present is to be more helpful then you usually are. That will manifest differently for each of us. Could be as little as saying Hello all the way up to buying lunch for the person in line behind you.

17.The Four Agreements are: FIRST: Be impeccable with your word. SECOND: Don’t take anything personally.(The Hardest for me) THIRD: Don’t make assumptions. FOURTH: Always Do your Best. 18. Meditation is important for spiritual growth.

19. Periodically fasting has tremendous benefits for spiritual growth. Fasting clears the body of built ups and sediment. Allowing the mind to free flow out of thought/Ego more readily.

20. Live in the NOW. You can never exist in the past or future You consciousness is always NOW practice on silencing the mind NOW – Flow only exists in the NOW Someone wisely said where the attention goes the energy flows.

21. The World is not what you believe it to be. You have been programmed with lies in EVERY facet of life. This applies world wide. You will reject many truths due to this programming, often times it takes exposure to the truth at least 3 times before you will even contemplate how things really are. Each realization is painful (was for me) Often times it takes exposure to the truth at least 3 times before you will even contemplate how things really are I really believe knowledge is suffering in a way. It is best to find these truths one at a time. Often times it takes exposure to the truth at least 3 times before you will even contemplate how things really are. It started for me learning where money in America comes from. Then I learned about water. Digest it, come to terms with it. Do not try to sway others around you when you learn the truth, Cognitive Dissidence has made them blind. Learn the truth, Then Know the truth, Then LIVE the truth. Only by your actions in Life can you possibly light the fire in someones heart to change. They have to see a better way before they can know they can have it too. DEEDS NOT WORDS.

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