Our Battles In Space While We Sleep

It’s very difficult work to do. Not just on this plain but when we sleep. When we sleep, we are there, with our ancestors, in battle. So exhausting.
When we’re there and working with other worlds, we are babies but we are mighty.
Action, for many, is the ushering of lifting the frequencies here on earth.
Most of the work is in the downloads of information coming through to bring relief to the suffering. The connection of heaven and earth.Spirit and human.Creator, co-creator.
ff we’re so polluted by anger and fear or god forbid, kill someone. The harm here was the harm there. That’s why these satanists sacrificed humans and little ones.
But that is ending.
The inevitable is here. It took us many thousands of years to get here.
Spirit was gentle and protective with you in your awakening.
Naturally you’re tired but it’s lovely to know that when you ask for that calm peace, it is given.
The awakening now for those who willfully acted in ego and greed, is a face slapping shock.
Something Clif said on Jean Claude’s show last night. It had to do with trade. World giants of trade…gone. The new system of opening trade, are with people like you now. It provoked a vision of how that was going to look for us and it made me smile.

We are at a dangerous place and time. The moment is here.

But that’s why you came here. And boy, oh boy, what an adventure.

You have more power than you know and what you know is so much more than enough to shield, conquer and heal.
You’re at the gates of Eden.

Rest whenever you can, move when you feel moved. Your spiritual shield is blowing out negative energies.
Of course you’d have moments like this where you’re pooped. We’re at the fall. Happening so fast it’s head spinning.
The load from the knowledge that there are casualties from a cruel and evil force…its a lot to bare open.
And now we see the casualties of these cruel and evil forces being kicked off the planet.
I can hardly wait for the celebrations to begin and we’re all hugging each other.

God Bless,