Earn Crypto, Even If You Don’t Own Any Yet!

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Earn Crypto, Even If You Don’t Own Any Yet

If you’ve already bought Theta and downloaded your own (free) wallet, Congratulations! But did you know you can earn Theta Fuel just by running Theta’s Edge Node? You can earn crypto, even if you don’t own any yet! You can earn even when you sleep.

No skills required, no big block downloads, you can run it while you do other online stuff. What you are doing is selling your unused bandwidth that you already paid for when you got internet. You’re helping Theta Network to expand and help all those people who are using the Theta network to, live stream, create NFTs and mine. It’s what DEFI (Decentralized Finance) is all about. It’s what the internet is evolving into for a faster, cleaner, more productive networking system.

Theta network now has 3 patents on its technology and is transforming the internet that is fair to the little guy, (for a change) without frying his brains, mentally, emotionally or physically.

If you haven’t got a Theta wallet yet, you’ll need it for Theta to send you crypto. You can set it up HERE

Next: Set up your edge node. Inside you’ll find that you can just let it passively run or watch some live streams for even more earnings. Whether you are active in interacting, watching live streams or just letting the Edge Node passively run, (even when you sleep) you are earning.

If you have a thousand or more tokens, you can run a Guardian Node for higher earnings. But we’ll save that info for another day.

And don’t sweat the small stuff. What earning a few cents a day now, amounts to rising value exponentially as the rest of the world adopts this new technology that only Theta can deliver.

It’s like getting into Microsoft on the ground floor back in the 80’s, only bigger.

Got your wallet? Start earning! Set up your Edge Node HERE

And your tutorial for setup is HERE