The Greatest Generation Is Here

The greatest human  generation that ever lived on this earth are here today.

Some think the greatest generation to live will be hybridized children, which, we all are hybridized, at some degree or level; vaccines starting at early life and medical enhancements… Some think the greatest generation will be the last. I try not to get too philosophical here but in both cases, that still makes the greatest generation that ever lived on this earth, here today.

There have been other generations that rose in the past to help humans vibrate at a higher frequency. They appeared like miracles. We took giant leaps in advancement. Were they angels? Extraterrestrials? Techie boxes? How about the Laws of the Universe manifesting in amazing form? Terrifying and beautiful all at once, as it blends into balance once again and we find ourselves, anew.

Welcome to Sci-Fi World.

Free will is freedom to speak and act openly and transparently. To make our own personal decisions and do as we will. We are chained with the consequences of that truth and have a dilemma. Are we smart enough to learn the language? Will we stumble over to abusive behavior when we meet alternating forces? How do we meet those challenges, with diplomacy or conviction or both? Is not the common goal of humans, to shine light on truth? Or do we segregate for Godly reasons that were schooled into us. Put opponents away or in a Pandora’s box?  Whatever decisions we make on this journey home, our final question will be, How did we manage to get through the woo and still make it home?

Laws within the construct of this Universe. Action, reaction, ebb and flow, cause and effect; Consequences.

Some call it karma or yin/yang. In essence, we are dealing with the effects of our ancestors decisions. This is manifesting as “sons against the fathers”  but in the spiritual realm, they are words of wisdom from the experience of our ancestors, not duly noting the part of the living parent you will surpass, thanks to the parts they played on your journey. “The world is a stage.” The symbology is in the tarot card of the standing stone, surrounded by lesser ones, worn down by the elements.

You are the standing stone.

On my last live stream for Q&A Tarot, I was faced with a woman who’s life was in the pit of hell. Her cries for help brought out the moderators in armor, to hack open a path, big enough for a clearer view and hearing them call out, “Here we are. You’re not alone.”.

When we become depressed, it isn’t a chemical problem, it is a spiritual one. We feel we lost connection to source, the purpose and meaning of life sucked out of us by the system. When goals are reached, we find out, we only built our own cage. This is why we see such large numbers taking their own lives and the beast system loves this.  We fight not against humans, not against whites or black,  LGBTQ or women or men. We stand before demons in high places and principalities. We cure the imbalance of good and evil. We manifest with the gifts the Universe gave to us, for our purposes.We are dealing with the repercussions of the past and killing the beast.

We’re taking over the beast system. Keeping the system, killing the beast.Re-connection to source, is established.

We are the ones we have waited for.

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