Heroes Journey Stages And Levels

Heroes Journey Stages and Levels

The 3 Stages

Separation, Initiation, The Return

The 12 Levels

1. Awakening – The ordinary world becomes questionable. Every day routines, questionable. Meaning of life purpose, diminished.

2. Call To Adventure – The seeker, movement, research, discovery. Separation anxiety

3. Refusal/Denial – Deterioration of coping strategies. Struggling to return to what you once thought was normal.

4. The Mentor – Heroes progress report and connection to your teacher, mentor, Deep dive into self discovery and amazement.

5. The Initiation – Crossing the threshold. Facing fears, trials, the awakened dragon within. Higher levels of anxiety on the coming trials and possible failures. (Am I ready?)

6. Tests – These tests help you to find your allies. Learning humility to ask for help. Vulnerability as a skill, rather than weakness.

7. Approach To The Innermost Cave – Final preparation before descending into the unknown.

8. The Supreme Ordeal – When all seems lost. The back-slide to what seems like square one. Your allies see this depletion of your hero energy and appear to assist. They are here for this final battle of challenges, failures and ultimate victory.

9. The Reward – This comes as a gift from Universe. The Holy Grail

10. The Return – Facing old enemies and dragons with understanding and wisdom. The realization that what you are returning to is who you were before the conditioning of the old world. The beginning of transformation and rebirth.

11. Resurrection – Attributes of old self and new self converging. From no voice to found voice. Frequency levels converging and form this manifestation. Distillation (metempsychosis) purification of all experiences of sadness, fear, joy, peace, regulation, and resilience.

12. The Elixir – You are the Grail, filled to over flowing with wisdom, love, a healer, shaman, high priest/priestess. New Life.