Heroes Journey

Heroes Journey Through The Reset

There are 3 stages and 12 levels of the Heroes Journey. You can read them listed hereĀ (opens in new window).

Stage 2 is Year of Initiation. This is where we will begin in this series. as it is what is permeating around the world in 2022 and may last in waves for the next 2 years. Oh those 2’s.

The next installment will be, “Separation” where we will deep dive into the relationship of separation from partnerships and self. Past and Present. What is being shown to you and what you will find on your heroes journey?

Understanding your own journey will give you the sustenance to aid others that are crossing the threshold. I go through each zodiac sign in this series but if you would like a personal heroes journey reading, Please Contact

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Stage 1: Separation (Coming Soon)

Stage 2: Initiation (Year of)

Stage 3: The Return (Coming Soon)