Scorpio Spring 2023

As we move into the season of rebirth and renewal, Scorpios can expect a time of deep transformation and growth. The astrological influences present during spring 2023 are particularly powerful for those born under this intense and passionate sign.

One of the most significant planetary shifts occurring during this time is the movement of Pluto into retrograde. As the ruling planet of Scorpio, this shift will have a particularly strong impact on those born under this sign. Pluto retrograde is a time of introspection, where hidden truths and motivations come to the surface. Scorpios may find themselves confronting their shadow side, facing deep-seated fears and insecurities that they have previously kept buried. However, this process is necessary for growth and healing. By acknowledging and processing these feelings, Scorpios can emerge stronger and more self-aware than ever before.

Additionally, Mars, the planet of action and energy, will be in Scorpio for a significant portion of the season. This will give Scorpios a boost of confidence and drive, pushing them to pursue their goals with renewed vigor. However, it is important for Scorpios to be mindful of their tendency towards intensity and obsession. While this energy can be harnessed for good, it can also lead to burnout and conflict if not balanced with self-care and perspective.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on April 16th will also be a significant event for those born under this sign. This Full Moon will shine a light on Scorpio’s deepest desires and emotions, encouraging them to let go of what no longer serves them and embrace their true selves. This is a powerful time for self-reflection and setting intentions for the future.

Overall, spring 2023 is a time of transformation and growth for Scorpios. The astrological influences present during this season will encourage deep introspection, while also providing the energy and drive needed to pursue goals and make meaningful changes in their lives. By embracing this energy and staying mindful of their tendencies towards intensity, Scorpios can emerge from this season stronger and more self-aware than ever before.

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