Pisces Spring 2023

As we enter the spring of 2023, the zodiac sign of Pisces is in the spotlight. Pisces is a water sign ruled by Neptune, and those born under this sign are known for their dreamy, intuitive nature. This spring, Pisces individuals will experience a range of energies and influences, both positive and challenging.

Starting on March 20th, the spring equinox marks the beginning of a new astrological cycle. This is a time of renewal and fresh starts, and for Pisces, it will be an especially potent time for inner reflection and spiritual growth. With the sun entering Pisces’ 12th house of spirituality and hidden talents, there will be a strong focus on introspection and tapping into the subconscious. This is an excellent time to explore practices like meditation, yoga, or dream journaling.

On April 11th, a new moon in Aries will bring a burst of dynamic energy to Pisces’ 2nd house of finances and values. This is an opportunity to set new financial goals and make smart investments. However, with the moon squaring Pluto in Capricorn, there may be some power struggles or conflicts around money or possessions. It’s important for Pisces to stay grounded and avoid making impulsive decisions.

As we move into May, the planet Jupiter will move into Pisces’ 1st house of self, bringing a sense of optimism and abundance. This transit is a time of growth and expansion, and Pisces may find themselves feeling more confident and empowered than usual. This is an excellent time to set personal goals and focus on self-improvement.

On May 26th, a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius will illuminate Pisces’ 7th house of partnerships. This could bring significant changes to Pisces’ closest relationships, whether in business or love. There may be endings or beginnings, and Pisces may need to let go of relationships that are no longer serving their highest good. However, with the eclipse trining Chiron in Aries, there is potential for deep healing and transformation in partnerships.

Overall, spring 2023 will be a time of growth, introspection, and potential challenges for Pisces. By staying grounded, cultivating inner peace, and being open to change, Pisces can make the most of the opportunities this season brings.

Pisces May 2023 Forecast

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