Passive Income

Passive Income

Earn Crypto, Even If You Don’t Own Any Yet

The dollar is in the last stages of death. Big banks and their control system can no longer sustain an awakening people. Decentralization means sovereignty and millions of people are there, ready to greet you into a new world of freedom without the Hitlers of the world telling you where to buy, sell or how to live.

You may not think it’s much but every fraction of a crypto coin is going to be worth many times what it is now and many times more than a dollar. We’re still in the early stages but we are already seeing a stampede of people rushing to the crypto market as we see Big Banks thrashing about, trying to tether us back to them. Those are just death throes. They’re done.

As early adopters, you’re ahead of the game and in a matter of a very short time, you will be staking and/or supporting networks that pay you, so let’s get you set up and started with the first of many to come, income earners that you can do.


This is a search engine like Google, only better, not just because they pay you in crypto that you can trade for other coins but because it is decentralized. I’ve used it for months now and very happy with the ease of use and quick accumulation of coins.

It has not only gathered from all other search engines but is the preferred choice of previously banned websites and social media.

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I was thrilled to find this platform as an alternative to youtube. Channels earn LBRY coins from views and tips in crypto from supporters.

The huge difference between Odysee and youtube is that you, as a viewer or creator, earn coins. Imagine how much you could have earned by now if you were paid to watch youtube.

While we are still in the FIAT system, LBRY is easily converted for dollars straight to your bank account and is listed in the markets. At the time of this posting, I believe one LBRY is equivalent to about 0.02. This one is set to grow. 2 Cent coins growing to dollar coins is an exciting prospect. Can this happen? You bet!

Bookmark this one for getting your uncensored material from big channels that were cancelled by youtube, facebook, twitter, google and the list grows. Odysee is Decentralized. By the people, for the people.


Theta Edge Node

Got Theta yet? No matter, you can still earn Thetafuel and aid the bandwidth of the network. It doesn’t slow down your computer and works well in the background while performing your usual tasks.

You can boost your earnings another way by watching Theta tv, (like youtube) and watch the live streams on the network or set up your own channel to earn.  If you do set up your own channel, other users who watch your channel can send you thetafuel. Like a tip jar. It may not seem like a lot but when thetafuel reaches $20 – $100, it’s going to look pretty darn good in your wallet.

Unlock Your Wallet Here

Now go get your Edge node to earn Tfuel for your wallet.

The list I have given you to earn passive income are vetted and growing.

Not Scams.

Welcome to the New World, Our Order, Not Theirs. I will add more links when I am sure of their benefits. Please consider joining as a member of TheJourneyHome.