Helping The Vaccine Injured

Vaxxx Repair Protocol

Those who are un-vaxxed likely know and are already taking their Vit D, Zinc, Vit C.  Adding any of the following elements below can only increase the health benefits.

What do I do if I am vaccinated already??

The best thinking available at the moment:

NAC – an amino acid for cellular repair

C60 –  for apoptosis to get rid of damaged cells & repair mitochondria (Here’s a link to buy C60 and read more on it, click here)

Ivermectin – 12 mg dose for regular adult body weight is a factor for dose, (see package instructions)

Glutathione – to flush out graphene oxide & SPIONS

Vitamin D – crucial minimum for 185 lb man, 10,000 IU daily, (15,000 IU in winter) probably daily rest of life.

Vitamin C – intercellular cement repair and other uses, minimum 3 gms liposomal

Balanced Zinc – (15 zn to 1 cu) Amazon to locate by that label. Protects against covid & will degrade spike proteins & SPIONS.

Chaga tea – couple of cups daily should suffice (1/4 tsp chaga powder to 8 oz hot water. Ok to drink the chaga powder in the mix